VIDEO: Farmers make their case for action on TB

The NFU has set up a website which aims to give members of the public more information about bovine TB and how it impacts on the farming industry.

The website, TB Free England, is a collection of pictures, maps, case studies and links which help show how the disease impacts on beef farmers.

Features include an animated map which shows how TB has spread between the years 1986 and 2010.

It also includes videos where farmers explain the process of TB testing and the impact that the disease has on their lives and businesses.

They also talk about their belief that unless the disease is controlled in badgers through a targeted cull it will be impossible to eradicate the disease in England in cattle.

The livestock industry is still waiting to find out whether the government is prepared to grant licences for a limited badger cull in designated TB hotspots over four years.

The government has pledged that a decision will come ahead of Parliament going into recess on July 19.

* Farmers Weekly has set up a dedicated channel for all stories connected to proposals for a badger cull.