Video: Forage Aid founder appeals for haulage volunteers

Forage Aid founder Andrew Ward has made a plea for more haulage volunteers to come forward to transport donations to farmers in need, with the charity now “busier than ever” as demand surges.

Speaking exclusively to Farmers Weekly, Mr Ward said farmers who were devastated by the disastrous flooding in Cumbria last December are now running out of forage and bedding as the lambing season gets going.

Many farmers will have little or no pasture for animals at turnout, as flood-damaged land needs extensive clearing and reseeding.

“The common perception at the moment is that because we’re not on TV or radio anymore the farmers are back in happy days and everything is fine – well it’s far from fine,” said Mr Ward.

“They are in a worse state now than they have ever been since the floods started because they’ve been using up the forage they had left.

“They’re starting to lamb and using up a lot of feed and bedding – it’s this situation that we are helping with at the moment.”

More than 400 lorry loads of forage and bedding have been donated but Mr Ward says that about 10% of that has been delivered into areas where it’s needed most.

“The support has been great. We are ok for forage but what we really need is haulage to get it up to those who need it. We are really asking for anybody who’s got lorries who can do it for free.

“This is what Forage Aid is – it’s donating straw, haylage and bedding, coupled with the haulage as well.”

 To get involved with the charity and donate visit the Forage Aid website or email

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