VIDEO: Sheep rescued after 150ft clifftop plunge

The RSPCA has rescued two lambs and a ewe after they plunged 150ft down a cliff.

The three sheep were stranded on a beach in Castlemartin Ranges, in south Pembrokeshire, Wales after falling off the top of a large and loose clifftop.

A team of RSPCA specialist rope rescue officers attended the scene and started a long descent down the cliff face to the beach. 

They scrambled over boulders and managed to collect the sheep, which had only suffered minor bruising.

The officers then hauled the sheep to the clifftop in animal bags, while ensuring that the bags didn’t get caught on any protruding rocks.

RSPCA inspector Keith Hogben, who was involved in the rescue, said:  “I was trying to stop the bags from snagging on rocks, but that left me in the position of dodging falling rocks which had been dislodged. 

“However, it all ended happily with the sheep being returned to the flock. But I might be getting some new shinpads before the next rescue.”

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