Ways towards Pig Robust

Ways towards Pig Robust

USING A HAMPSHIRE sireline on sows of Large White or Landrace-based genetics can increase hybrid vigour and produce more robust pigs.

Progeny from the PIC sireline, launched in May, have improved growth and efficiency, with a marked increase in robustness, through increased hybrid vigour, explains the company’s Mark Wilson.

“The greater the genetic distance between the sire and dam breeds the larger the improvement.”

One customer using this sireline has seen pigs born alive rise above 13.5 one week, says PIC. Another is said to have seen pigs born dead fall from 0.9 to only 0.3 and one saw pigs reach 40kg one week earlier.

“These are streetwise” weaners with tremendous appetites, better adapted to face today’s health challenges, such as post-weaning multisystemic wasting system,” says Mr Wilson.