Welsh sow takes Royal Welsh Show pig title

Welsh sow Braemor Nina 4 took this year’s Royal Welsh interbreed pig title for breeder Phil Fowlie, making it a total of eight Royal Welsh interbreed titles for Mr Fowlie.

Homebred Nina 4 was interbreed champion at the Three Counties show earlier this year and interbreed champion at last year’s Royal Show.


Standing reserve to her was the reserve Welsh champion, Teifi Evans’ January 2007-born boar Gold Foot Leo 2.Full Pig Results
Interbreed P M Fowlie’s welsh sow Braemor Nina 4; res, T Evans and Son’s welsh boar Gold Foot Leo 2.
Interbreed Pairs Landrace; res, British Saddlebacks.
Welsh P M Fowlie’s sow Braemor Nina 4; res, T Evans and Son’s boar Gold Foot Leo 2.
Any other Modern Breed D G Davies and Daughter’s boar Ceirios Esmer 2; res, J Owens’ gilt Lletty Dora 11.
British Saddleback W G Edwards’ sow Pantysgawen Hwah; res, A J Thomas’ sow Pantysgawen Silverwings 48.
Any Other Traditional Breed G W and F M Jones’ boar Mabon Revival 3; res, B Warren’s sow Coutrbleddyn Jacqueline.