Yeo Valley farmers target X Factor slot

Yeo Valley is hoping to build on the success of last year’s rapping farmer advert with a new commercial, featuring a farming-inspired boy band called The Churned.

The two-minute film will air for the first time on 8 October during ITV’s X Factor, followed by shorter versions throughout the X Factor run.

Filmed in Blagdon, Somerset, it features four farmers singing about Yeo Valley’s ethos of farming in harmony with nature, as they drive tractors, feed calves and wander over the Mendip Hills.

“We wanted to portray farming as modern and relevant. We thought it was quite important to say to people that farmers, especially organic ones, are not the stereotypical Luddites that they are often portrayed as,” said Yeo Valley managing director Tim Mead.

It follows the runaway success of Yeo Valley’s first ever television advert last year, which showed a group of young farmers rapping about organic farming. The advert was one part of a £5m-campaign, and aired eight times during the X-Factor series, watched by 16 million people. It also went viral on the website YouTube, attracting 2 million viewings.

Fans can watch the new video and download the ballad, titled Forever, on iTunes. The karaoke competition can be found on Facebook .

Watch a sneak preview of the ad below:


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