Young Farmers hoggets sell to £2250 at Bentham

Hoggets at the first Young Farmers Singles Night at Bentham sold to a top price of a remarkable £2250 for first prize hogget in the best presented class, a Beltex cross ewe hogget which sold to the judge for the best presented class, Les Thackray. The proceeds from the sale were immediately donated to three young farmers clubs in the area, burton-in-Lonsdale, Lawkland and Rathmell, and the hogget was then resold for £800 to retail butcher George Cropper, Accrington.

First prize short wooled hogget was awarded to Josh Harris, Long Preston, with another Beltex cross ewe which sold for £220 to Mr Cropper, while the first prize long wooled hogget went to a Mule weather from Hayley Baines which sold to £89 to Yorkshire Halal Meats, Keighley.

Meanwhile, cull ewes sold on the same day topped at £182 for a Texel from James Robinson, Carnforth. Continental crosses from Robert Towers, Farelton, sold to £180 apiece, while Mules sold to £136. Overall the cull ewes levelled at £94.92.