6 photos of the world’s biggest combine strutting its stuff

New Holland says its new CR10.90 is the biggest combine on the market and the figures for engine power, tank capacity and tank unloading speed suggest that it will take some beating.

However this is unlikely to help it overhaul market leader Claas which has 40% of the UK combine market. 

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New Holland CR10.90 model is the biggest in the range, pushing out 652hp from its 16-litre Fiat engine.

New Holland NH1090

Grain tank on the CR10.90 holds a massive 14,500 litres (the biggest grain tank on the UK market). That’s about 11t, so you’ll need a big, big trailer (or a grain chaser) if you want to put two big tankfulls in a trailer.

New Holland NH1090 grain tank

Cabs get 6.3sq m of glass and a 26cm Intelliview colour touchscreen. The latter sits on rollers an can be moved to the most comfortable position, says NH.

New Holland NH1090 cab view

Commandgrip multicontroller brings all functions neatly together, including loading/unloading.

New Holland NH1090 controls

New number/naming system sees six models going from the CR7.90 to the CR10.90. A high proportion will go out with NH’s track system too.

New Holland NH1090

Fuel tank holds a massive 1,300 litres. With red diesel at about 70p/litre, that’s an eye-watering £910 for a fill-up.

New Holland NH1090