Agrifac shows off Quatro harvester and Condor sprayer

Bigger cleaning and hopper capacities feature on the new version of the Quatro six-row beet harvester as Dutch maker Agrifac bids for a bigger share of the UK market. Both were being demonstrated near Kings Lynn, Norfolk.

Increasing the turbine diameter to 1.55m provides a 21% bigger cleaning area on the new Quatro and the elevator belt is 25% wider at 1m, says the company. There is also a 33% increase in hopper capacity, which now stretches to 12t, and the 400hp engine is quieter and more fuel efficient thanks to reduced working rpm.

The new Quatro costs about £300,000 and features the new CombiPlus topper which includes an auger and spreading unit. The new cab was designed for the Claas Jaguar forage harvester and is said to offer improved comfort.

The same cab also features on Agrifac’s new Condor self-propelled sprayer, available with all-steel booms up to 48m wide and with up-to-4000 litres tank capacity. Four-wheel steering is standard and list prices start at about £200,000.

• To see the beet harvester in action click here

• To watch a video of the Condor self-propelled sprayer click here.