Agrihold launches new high-capacity sprayers

The latest sprayer maker to boost the size and potential workrate of its equipment is Cambridgeshire firm Agrihold. Its new self-propelled machines come with tank capacities of 3400 and 4000 litres, while its trailed models go from 3200 to 7200 litres.

A new heavy-duty boom configuration is also available in widths from 24m to 54m and the tandem undercarriage is said to give good weight distribution, prevent boom swing and reduce sideways movement. Ground clearance is 1.1m and track widths can be varied between 1.5m and 2.25m.

Power on the self-propelled model comes from a 162hp Deutz diesel engine driving through a fully hydrostatic transmission, which shifts continuously from 0-50kph. An air suspension system between the undercarriage and main frame ensures that little or no movement is transferred to the main frame of the sprayer, says the company. That makes for a stable boom with minimal sway or lateral movement.

All sprayer controls are operated from within the cab. With good all-round vision, a fully adjustable air seat and an adjustable steering column, operators should enjoy a good driving position, says the company. A joystick on the armrest and a newly-designed spraying computer, plus a separate machine-management computer, give the operator control of all functions with information at his fingertips.