Agritechnica: Farmet shows novel drill


Cultivations machinery seems to be going through a boom period in the Czech Republic, with Bednar and Farmet both claiming plenty of stand space at the show.

The latter caught show-goers’ eyes with its novel drill design, which does away with box section frames.

Instead, everything is hung off the hopper by heavy-duty steel plate, meaning the end product loosely resembles a tank.

The Falcon can be ordered in three different widths from 4-8m but it was the 6m, mid-ranger shown on the stand.

Horsepower requirements are about 220hp and buyers can specify various different combinations underneath.

Two or three rows of strip till tines, a power harrow and shatter boards can all be connected to the hopper depending on your cultivation system.

Hopper capacity is 4,000 litres (split 60/40) and average price is about €40,000 (£33,000) depending on the combination of tools attached to the hopper.

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