Agritechnica: Mitas PneuTrac combines track and tyre

Is it a track or is it a tyre? Well, tyre maker Mitas seems to think it’s both. It’s called the PneuTrac and it apparently takes the best bits of a track and tyre and mashes them together.

That means it has a 53% bigger footprint than a standard agricultural tyre, loads more grip and it will happily sit at 50kph on the road.

Inside there are lots of fancy materials that Mitas is keeping secret about, but there’s still a hollow bit that needs to be filled with air. Handily, it fits straight on to a standard rim and requires no other modifications to the tractor

Thanks to the chunky construction the PneuTrac can be run at pressures as low as 0.6bar in field or on road. It’s also said to have higher lateral stiffness than a standard tyre, which means it doesn’t have to be pumped up before it goes on the road.

The PneuTrack is being tested at the moment, but the maker says it’s still a long way off production. If it does eventually make it to market it’s likely to be a lot cheaper than a retrofit track unit.

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