Alanco updates 2,500 litre sprayer

Kent company Alanco Agricultural, which makes the Sprayranger low ground pressure sprayer, is updating its 2,500 litre machine for next season. It will also be offering a larger 3,000 litre model for the first time.

This 3,000 litre model has an uprated airbag suspension and retains the LGP characteristics for which the machine is known, with an unladen weight of approximately 4.1t. The larger tank meant the fitting of higher specification Melo axles.

The new machine will be available with either two-wheel or four-wheel steering. It also has inboard wet brakes, which operate via an air-over-oil system for improved stopping power on hills or when travelling at speed on the road.

All 2011-12 Sprayranger machines now get a revised cab interior. This includes sprayer and boom controls sited to the operator’s right (where they ride with the seat) while the engine operating data is displayed in a new instrument on the steering column.

Both seat and steering column have been moved forward and an upgraded air conditioning system with a more powerful blower has been fitted.