Amazone launches 6m drill with low power needs

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Amazone will launch its Cirrus Activ, a 6m pneumatic combination seed drill. Designed for large farms and contractors, it towing power requirement is just 250hp to help keep fuel bills down, says the firm.

Unlike the Cirrus Special and Super drills, it incorporates a rotary cultivator instead of a two-row disc harrow, and the wedge ring roller is 1050mm in diameter rather than 800mm. It can be used for mulch sowing or follow a plough and folds to 3m for transport.

The low power need is achieved by using lower linkage pull via a swivel draw bar and having a front-mounted seed hopper. This ensures weight is transferred directly to the tractor’s rear axle to improve traction.

It’s claimed to be easy to manoeuvre and visibility to the tillage components is said to be good. The 3000-litre hopper can be expanded to 3600 litres.

A front-tyre packer roller levels the seed-bed and ensures accurate depth control of the rotary cultivator. The KG 603-2 (2 x 3 m) rotary cultivator with stone safety device and adjustable rotor speeds mixes the soil and crop residues creating a fine tilth for the seed-bed.

The wedge-ring tyre roller then provides targeted re-consolidation of the seed-bed in strips, and seed placement is via RoTeC+ coulters with a row spacing of 12.5cm.

In reasonable soil conditions forward speeds of 15 km/h are claimed.

As on all the firm’s large area seed drills the Cirrus 6000 Activ’s functions are operated via an AMATRON+ on-board computer terminal.

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