Amazone launches GPS Switch add-on

The introduction of multiple shut-offs is proving to be the next big thing in the sprayer and spreader market.

To add to the mix, Amazone has introduced a new GPS Switch system for its ZA-M profiS Hydro fertiliser spreaders which is interchangeable for use in its sprayer range, too.

Available for delivery in the autumn, the GPS Switch allows the machine to predict when and where to shut-off each and every section and gives operators an early-warning signal when they approach a headland. If the satellite signal drops suddenly, there’s also a full manual mode, which takes the risk out of spreading outside a field boundary. The system is priced from £2890.

Building on the success of its FT803 front tank add-on, the company has now also launched the FT1001 automatic front tank, which increases capacity from 1980 litres to almost 3000 litres. To maintain enough weight on the front axle, an automatic filling and mixing system maintains constant levels. Prices start from £2880.

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