Amazone launches new large area seed drill

Cereals exhibitor 2009

Amazone will launch the latest addition to its Cirrus range of seed drills at Cereals.

The Cirrus 6000 Activ is a 6m pneumatic combination seed drill designed for large farms and contractors, says Amazone, and should keep down fuel bills as it is easy to tow and needs just 250hp to operate it.

It incorporates a rotary cultivator andthe wedge ring roller has a diameter of 1050mm. It can be used for mulch sowing or to follow a plough and can be folded to 3m for road transport.

The low power requirement is achieved by a lower linkage pull via the swivel drawbar and a front-mounted 3000/3600-litre seed hopper. This ensures that sufficient weight is transferred directly onto the tractor rear axle to improve traction, the company says.

The machine functions of the Cirrus 6000 Activ are operated via the AMATRON+ on-board computer terminal.