Amazone offers trailed mulch cultivator

Amazone has extended its range of three-row Cenius mulch cultivators to include a new, trailed version.

Available in working widths of 3m, 3.5m or 4m, it should make the machine more practical for farmers using small tractors without the lift capacity.

Hooked on the tractor by the lower link arms, the Cenius’s wedge ring roller works as the running gear, as well as reconsolidating the soil. Lifting and lowering is carried out via the hydraulic depth control.

Instead of levelling spring tines or smooth discs, Amazone offers a new-style serrated levelling disc for both trailed and mounted Cenius models.

The firm says the 460mm serrated discs should improve the mixing effect in conditions of high organic matter.

Disc bearing are maintenance free and fitted with sprung rubber mountings to prevent overload.

The 3002-T Special trailed version costs £17,245.