Bargam trailed outfit incorporates Fox sprayer

Italian sprayer maker Bargam has brought together its Fox trailed sprayer and BDU rear folding boom for mounted sprayers to create a new trailed outfit for operators who prefer to see the boom tucked away behind, rather than over, the sprayer.

Being shown at Lamma by UK distributor Cleveland Crop Sprayers, the Fox 2 BDU is available in the same 2,700- and 3,200-litre sizes as the regular Fox fitted with the company’s twin-fold BDL boom, and also in 3,700- and 4,200-litre capacities.

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Bargam’s BDU boom has a lattice structure allowing it to be folded into a compact upright configuration no more than 2.5m wide. There are widths from 18m to 30m with triple jets and variable geometry as standard to adapt to undulating terrain; all nozzles are protected from impacts within the structure.

A fixed drawbar and mudguards over the 13.6R38 are part of the standard specification, along with hydraulic brakes. But air braking, alternative wheels and a steering drawbar controlled by the Muller gyroscope system – which eliminates any mechanical connection between the sprayer and tractor – are on the options list.

Others include Arag Bravo rate controllers, section control and individual nozzle control, Muller terminals, auto boom height control and boom lighting.