Bergmann beet chaser goes crab-style

Crab steering has become standard on beet harvesters from companies such as Holmer, Grimme and Ropa, but Bergmann’s prototype beet chaser claims to be the first one to use the technique on all three axles.

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Not just that, it can use this mode all the time, including loading and the six 710/50 R26.5 tyres are said to leave a very shallow imprint on heavy land.

Capacity of the chaser is 39cu m and it can hold a full tank from the Tiger 5 harvester including the beet harvested during unloading. That’s a massive 35t.  

The low height on the right-hand side is also said to allow easy unloading from the harvester which does not have to jack the elevator up too high.

In the cab, a large screen is said to give a good view of the rear of the machine from a series of cameras. This is still a prototype, so the controls are somewhat functional but there are plans to put all of them on to a joystick.

Needless to say, the chaser requires some serious grunt and on the day of the visit a Fendt 939 was in charge. Bergmann claims that such a combination consumes less fuel than competitor self-propelled machines.