Brock Sub-V subsoiler gets clever folding system

Essex-based Brock showed its new Sub-V trailed subsoiler at the Agri-Expo show earlier this month.

The range extends from 4.5m to 8m and is built to match tractors between 250hp and 600hp. It uses a clever lateral folding system that sees the machine shift backwards for transport.

That saves weight over vertical-folding equivalents and means there is less dead weight to pull through the soil.

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When working, the transport wheels become depth wheels as the wings fold out to a fixed 30deg angle and the tine brackets give shear bolt protection for 15mm, 20mm or 25mm legs with reversible tungsten tip points to change the angle of attack.

Although Brock has designed its own tine, point and wing system, other known systems can be fitted, along with a range of consolidation options.

The packer is hydraulically folded down into work, but can be raised for subsoiling wet spots.

The Sub-V 450 seen on the stand with seven legs and DD packer on the back has an on-farm price around the £27,500 mark.