Cereals 2010: John Dale Eco-Drill available in up to 8m

Having had the six metre Eco-Drill at Lamma, John Dale had a 4m version of the machine on show for the first time.

Shod with Michelin XBIB tyres capable of operating at a ground pressure of 6psi, independent arms with hydraulic rams lift and lower tines for penetration in direct-drill situations, the company’s parallel linkage means depth is kept constant.

It’s got variable row spacing from 12.5cm to 25cm and can be used in both direct and conventional seedbeds. There’s a choice of Guttler or rubber flex press wheels, and the twin tines are tungsten tipped for extra strength. The Eco-Drill is available in 3m to 8m working widths, with the 8m version needing just 160hp to pull it.

The 6m model (pictured) costs in the region of £50,000.

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