Cereals 2014: Kellands updates the Agribuggy

The Agribuggy may seem to have been around since biblical times (well, 1982) but maker Kellands (recently bought by the Alamo Group) keeps finding good ways of updating it.

The latest A280 version gets a curvy new cab, tinted glass and more space. The floating control console moves with the motion of the seat and an 18cm colour display and multifunction joystick bring things up to date. Four-wheel steering, cruise control and manual override of the automatic transmission are all on offer too.

A new Cummins diesel engine is said to give more oomph at low revs and dispensing with a cam-belt means the engine has lower servicing and maintenance costs. The mechanical drive system stays the same and Kellands reckons it’s 25% more efficient than a hydrostatic machine.

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Average consumption is said to be about 70 litres/day compared with between 150-200 litres/day for large hydrostatic sprayers

Underbody clearance is 750mm when fitted with large-diameter row-crop wheels and aluminium booms are available in 12m and 24m working widths

Tank capacity is 2,700 litres and top speed is 50kph on the road. The price is £105,000