Challenger tillage kit heads for the UK

Mention Challenger and you think of huge tracked tractors and equally enormous self-propelled sprayers. But the company, part of the giant Agco corporation, also sells tillage kit and drills in North and South America, Africa, Eastern Europe and Russia.

So far, this kit hasn’t ventured into western Europe, let alone the UK. But the company is showing two disc harrow models at the Wadenbrunn field day in Germany this week.

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The CH1700 offset discs are said to have one of the heaviest disc weights in the sector and are designed for primary tillage and incorporating large amounts of crop residue. Working widths go from 6.5m to 7.6m and you’ll need 260-455hp to pull it.

“Agco has been involved in the seeding and tillage sector since the company’s inception in 1990,” says Cameron McKenzie, seeding and tillage manager for Europe, Africa and the Middle East. “Since then, key acquisitions and a joint venture with Amity Technology, one of the leading names in the sector, have significantly increased our seeding and tillage product portfolio.”

“A key aim of Agco’s seeding and tillage initiative is to develop products using appropriate technology – from smaller implements matched to the needs of emerging markets to sophisticated broad-acre solutions,” he says. “Our major markets to date have been North and South America, Eastern Europe and Africa. The next step is to extend that and look for new opportunities in Western and Central Europe.”

Will the implements be available in the UK? Not yet, says Mr McKenzie, as they need to be meet the usual UK rules and regulations. But watch this space…