Check the grain tank sample

1.Grain tank sample


Check the make-up of the sample – this will give a good outline of which areas need most attention.

Trash in the tank points to over-threshing or a fan that is set too slow (see fan speed setting section 5). First increase concave clearance and then consider reducing drum speed. (Remember high drum speeds give lots of centrifugal force which is the best way of separating grain).

Cracked grains can indicate that the concave is set too close to the drum. Rectify this in 10mm increments and only adjust drum speed if there is still a problem.

Damaged grains are often due to slack in intake clean grain or returns elevator chains. Check for play and adjust as necessary.

2. Crop flow

3. Drum and concave

4.Grain pan

5. Sieves

6. Returns sample

7. Straw walkers

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