Claydon 3m straw harrow appeals to farmers

Claydon’s whopping 15m straw harrow might be grabbing all the headlines, but the baby 3m version will appeal to more farmers.

Like the original 7.5m folding harrow that’s been selling like hot cakes, the 3m has a set of angled tines to help level trash, disturb slugs and help weed seeds to chit.

These are slotted into a simple, three-point linkage mounted frame and they have a hydraulic ram for adjusting their angle of attack.

Despite its diminutive proportions, it can still comfortably cover 100 acres in a day with just 75hp on the front. The price is £5,500 including a set of rear lights.

At the other end of the scale, the 15m folding machine can cover a massive 400 acres in a day and costs £32,500.

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