CPMP sheets needed now

Farmers are reminded that they need to send the NFU their Crop Protection Management Plan summary sheets and book in for a sprayer test.

With only two months to go before the end of the first five years of the Voluntary Initiative, farmers are being urged not to let up on the pressure in meeting the key targets set by government.

“With stiff final targets of 1.2m ha for Crop Protection Management Plans and 80% of the sprayed area for sprayer testing, there is no room for complacency,” said Patrick Goldsworthy, VI manager at the Crop Protection Association.

Important Information 

The number CPMP summary sheets should be faxed to has changed because of the NFU’s move to Warwickshire.

The new number is 024 7685 8501.

Farmers who have faxed anything through to the old london number since 19 December are asked to send it again.