Kverneland E-drill gets seed and fertiliser option

Kverneland H-series Edrill

Kverneland H-series E-drill © Jonathan Page

Kverneland has increased its seed-and-fertiliser drill range with its updated power harrow-mounted E-drill.

The model has been available in a single-hopper format for the past four years, but the firm is now offering the 2,100-litre seed compartment in either 60:40 or 70:30 split configurations.

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In the split-working setup, the identical distribution heads on the rear drop the two products down different tubes. However, it is still possible to convert back to a single-seed arrangement.

The H-series power harrows have also received a few strengthening upgrades as the hopper has moved closer to the tractor for better weight distribution.

The UK is one of the main markets for these types of drill and retail prices start at €65,000 (£56,000).