Lamma 2015: Plowman reveals 4m trailed Omni-Til NG cultivator

A 4m trailed and folding version of the Omni-Til NG low-draft, low-disturbance subsoil and surface cultivator will be introduced at Lamma by Plowman Brothers to complement the mounted implement pictured.

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Comprising a chassis spine made from 350mm steel box section, the semi-mounted model has a single flat trash-cutting disc in front of each NG low-disturbance soil restructuring leg, then two rows of cultivation discs to create a tilth consolidated by an 850mm-diameter finned packer.

Additional packer options are available along with a heavy-duty rear drawbar.

All Omni cultivation equipment is fitted with the five-part tungsten carbide tipped NG system comprising point, wing and shin sections designed to provide a long service life with a consistent geometry for optimum performance throughout.