More tackle from German machinery show

Xerion cab update

Xerion CabWhen the new version of Claas’ Xerion tractor was launched last year it received some criticism over its cab.

Operators using the tractor in standard format – rather than reverse-drive – found visibility rearwards was hindered by a hefty pillar behind the seat and that it wasn’t as roomy as they would have liked.

So the German manufacturer has addressed this. The new cabin still swivels through 180deg but is bigger, more luxurious and has a curved one-piece window across the back.

Farmet oil press

Farmet oil pressIn light of the increasing interest in home grown fuels from on farm crops, Czech Republic firm Farmet has launched a range of screw presses designed for small oil seeds such as oil seed rape (OSR) and sunflowers.

The firm offers extruders of various capacities from the smallest capable of pressing 9kg of OSR per hour to the largest capable of 4t per hour.

Farmet says that it also has the capability to set up complete seed oil refining operations dependant on the customer requirements.


Einbock tined weeder

Einbock rakeAustrian firm Einbock displayed its familiar tined weeder at the show. The unit which is available in a six meter working width – and designed for grass-land work – now has a mole-hill leveller fitted to the front.

In true Swiss style the leveller is has a tri-angular side profile resembling a Toblerone bar.

Four 1.5m sections of the levelling bar stretch across the machine working width, these sections are spring loaded to ensure that if an object is encountered the bar can break-back avoiding breakages.

Horsch drills

HorschHorsch’s range of Pronto drills launched earlier this year now receive the additional benefit of an interchangeable seeder unit on the rear.

The firm displayed a Pronto 6 air seeder with standard disc coulters on the rear. The seeding section can now be changed for a precision seeder unit for sowing crops such as maize or sugar beet.

A three point linkage type attachment is used for ease of attachment while the large seed hopper can be used to top up the individual precision seeder units.

Claas foragers get variable chop length

Claas JaguarClaas’ top two Jaguar Speedstar foragers gain the addition of a variable chop length system. Dubbed Comfort Cut, it allows forage chop lengths to be adjusted from 5mm to 22mm – this can be doubled when the firm’s half blades are fitted to the chopping cylinder.

Along with this, the driveline has been upgraded so that the speed of the header auger, feed rollers, cylinder and blower unit is synchronised – a setup which is said to eliminate any bottlenecks in the system.

Jaguar 890 and 900 Comfort Cut models also gain the joystick control borrowed from the Lexion 600 combine and cost approximately 3% more than the standard version.


Belarus tractors

BelarusThe engine of this Belarus 2022.3 tractor pumps out 212hp. Built at the company’s Minsk plant, the six-cylinder turbo-charged powerplant is compliant with current emissions legislation and is now available in western Europe. No word as yet as to whether it will land on UK shores. The tractor is fitted with a 24 forward x 12 reverse transmission with a pre-selector shuttle and splitter.