Tillage Events cancelled

Both Tillage Events, which should have gone ahead on Thursday 11 September in Corby, Northamptonshire and 25 September in Duns, Berwickshire, have been cancelled beacuse of the wet weather.

The move to cancel the events  followed discussions between the Agricultural Engineers Association (AEA) and the farm managers of both venues.

Weather in both places, like the rest of the UK, has been atrocious, according to Duncan Russell of the AEA.

“We are extremely disappointed to have to make this decision, but hope by making it early we can reduce costs to exhibitors by them not having to transport machines to either event,” Mr Russell said.

 “Our fields are just too wet to till. On our Scottish site, 4 inches of rain fell.”

“This is not a postponement – because there is no good weather forecasted in the next week, we’ve had to save our exhibitors the trouble. We see no point in a static event – people don’t come to see squeaky clean display models on stands.”

The events were to feature 120 acres of specially cultivated land being tilled by show machinery with 4000-5000 growers expected to attend the two events.

Battling with his disappointment, Mr Russell said: “It’s deflating. To give you an idea of the scale, we started preparing the soil 16 months ago.

“We’ve done 48 events, and this is only the third time we’ve had to cancel.”

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