Amazone unveils 12m Precea-TCC trailed precision drill

Amazone has increased the hopper capacity and improved the seed delivery system on its latest Precea-TCC precision air drills, allowing them to work accurately when romping along at speeds topping 15kph.

The two new trailed models, the 900-TCC and 12000-TCC, offer working widths of 9m and 12m and have a central tank capable of swallowing 2,000 litres.

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A “Central Seed Supply” air stream transfers the seed to the singulation units on each row, where it is held in small reception hoppers.

These contain sensors that detect the fill levels, cutting off the flow when brimmed and automatically restarting it again once there’s space for more.

The firm’s high-precision, overpressure PreTec singling units push the seed against the disc, with the combination of stripper finger and optical sensors minimising the risk of misses or doubles.

As each row unit is electrically driven, it’s also possible to maintain uniform seed placement when cornering.

To do this, a yaw sensor is used to calculate the speed at either end of coulter bar, with the rpm of each singulation disc then adjusted to avoid under- or overdosing.

Other features include hydraulically adjustable coulter pressure or the SmartForce automatic version, and a telescopic axle that allows the wheels to be positioned to run between seed rows to minimise compaction.

When these are fully retracted for road transport, the outfit measures 3m wide.

There’s also the option of a 6,000-litre twin-chamber hopper for applying fertiliser simultaneously.

In this configuration, each compartment has its own electric metering unit and distribution head, meaning half-width shut-off is standard in seed-only mode.

Row widths are 70, 75 or 80cm – based on 12 or 16 rows – but other new models are in the pipeline.

These will better suit narrower spaced crops such as oilseed rape, with 18 or 24 rows set at 45 or 50cm centres.

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