New Weaving Fenix drill helps refresh tired swards

Weaving reckons it has come up with a belt-and-braces approach to grassland reseeds and sward rejuvenation.

The Evesham-based firm’s 3m Fenix Grass Drill features 32 discs, 405mm in diameter, spread across two rows that cut the grass open with up to 90kg of downward pressure.

A 10cm hydraulic fan blows air to the top of the coulter before releasing half of the flow, thus allowing the seed to fall freely.

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An Accord system can meter seed at rates of up to 400kg/ha from the 1,000-litre hopper and rate control is via RDS’s Artemis Lite, using a GPS forward speed sensor rather than a radar unit. It’s also possible to close several outlets to drill cereals in wider rows.

The design features a rear press roller to consolidate the ground. This is made from two sizes of cast iron rings that self-clean while working to crush any remaining clods. Weaving suggests a tractor of at least 140hp on the front.

Buyers looking for more carrying capacity have the option of a new 2t front hopper with a stainless-steel double metering unit, integrated lights and a camera system.

Price for the Fenix Grass Drill is £26,800 and the front tank is £14,800.