Dale Drills 12m model goes longer

A new 12m version of the Eco Drill will be shown by Dale Drills in response to growing demand for this size of unit from growers in the UK adopting controlled traffic farming and in eastern Europe.

The Dale Eco Max continues the formula established with the current 3m to 12m models but the no-till tine coulters are attached to a new A-frame that is 275mm longer to increase inter-tine clearance to 750mm.

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It also has a larger hopper at 5,500-litres – equivalent to about 4t – for seed-only sowing or seeding-plus-fertiliser placement. 

The tine assemblies, mounted on individual parallel linkage, can be configured for sowing cereals crops at 125 to 250mm row spacing and up to 500mm for oilseed rape.

They have variable hydraulic pressure to ensure consistent penetration and sowing depth, and are completed by Dale’s own self-cleaning steel press wheel. Four-section cut-off operated through an RDS Isocan Artemis metering controller reduces seeding overlaps.