Deere unveils latest range of self-propelled foragers

John Deere’s 8000 Series has announced a new range of self-propelled forage harvesters for next year.

There are six models running from the 380hp 8100 model to the top of the range 625hp 8600.

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The engines on the new machines are fitted longitudinally to improve rear visibility for trailer filling and manoeuvring. With its air intake behind the cab, this engine layout is said to give an efficient airflow to the rear of the machine.

Weights have been cut and dry sump gearboxes mean further fuel savings, says Deere. The engines are also positioned lower within the forager’s chassis, cutting the machines’ overall centre of gravity and improving stability on steep slopes and on the road.

New headers include grass pick-ups from 3 to 4.5m and Kemper rotary headers from 6 to 9m. The latter are available with automatic steering and/or automatic header control.

The processor on the 8000 Series has been changed to give better kernel-cracking and maize-silage chopping. It uses the bevelled discs from the KernelStar2 multi-crop processor to give a more aggressive tearing action.

In the cab, you now get Bluetooth connectivity, plenty of storage room and auto air-con, plus GreenStar 2630 with touchscreen display and all functions conveniently located in the CommandArm, remote display access and AutoTrac with RowSense.