Farmworks features include Google Earth integration

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Farm Works will show two new features in its latest software suite.

Users of the firm’s Site and Pro software can now download a geo-referenced image from Google Earth straight into their project with just a few clicks, says Phil Templeton.

“A customisable resolution setting is included and there’s no limit to the number of images that can be downloaded. This is especially useful if you need to measure an area quickly or submit an updated map but don’t have the time or equipment to map the area with GPS.”

Users may also add field boundaries to their maps, add all rented fields, contract farms or shared farming quickly and easily, and create attractive backgrounds for RPA maps submissions, he explains.

“Also for anyone with a Trimble EZ-Guide, Field Manager Display or FMX, our office software can read guidance information from the device USB stick.

“Data on the guidance line imported can then be either viewed, edited or new guidance lines added. Field/area plots and points of interest can also be added for more in-cab information at the driver’s fingertips.”

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