Fendt beefs up grassland machinery range

Taking place at the end of August in Wadenbrunn, Germany, Fendt Field Days is an event hosted by the manufacturer to showcase its growing array of products, with notable additions over recent years being grassland kit from Lely and the rebranded Challenger crawlers and Rogator sprayers.

This year there were a few updates to existing lines, along with a new round baler range launched at the event. Punters also got to see 120 Fendt tractors up close and personal.

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Fendt Katana

Fendt Katana

Fendt’s self-propelled forager has a new grass pickup – the P3003 Maximum – which has a beefed-up, heavy-duty drive line and new heavy-duty auger, along with a bigger gap between the front tyre and header for improved access.

The heavy-duty wear package is available as an option for the Fendt Katana.


Fendt Rotana

Fendt Rotana

A new range of round balers is on its way from Fendt and will replace the current 1125 F, 2125 F and 2125 F Profi machines.

The new balers will be called Rotana and include the Rotana 130 F and baler/wrapper Rotana 130 F Combi and Rotana 160 V Combi models.

All Rotana models have free-wheel sprockets that can rotate a full 360deg, which protects all chamber and drive components in the event of a jam, while the main drive is delivered by two chains rather than one for a better distribution of power.

Solid chamber models have redesigned press rollers to create denser bales and increase feed intake. There’s also a clever sensor to measure bale density which is activated on the last 30% of the bale-making process, with an indicator displayed to the driver dictating how best to follow the swath for a uniform finish.

There are improved side panels for better access, dirt wipers around roller bearings and a rubber mat between the rotor and binding unit to keep unwanted dirt out, too.  

Tigo forage wagons

Fendt Tigo

Fendt Tigo

Aimed at contractors and large-scale farmers, the Fendt Tigo models have increased pickup widths – from 2m for PR models up to 2.2m for XR models.

As with a forager, customers can now purchase a new blade sharpener, FlexSharp, which lets you sharpen the knives in the loader wagon itself, so operators no longer have to remove each individual blade and grind them by hand.

Future developments in the Tigo line-up include the Tigo XR-series that will be extended with a tri-axle machine, and a new Tigo XR 90, which will have a loading volume of 50cu m.

For mid-size collectors, Fendt has added a new three-model series – Tigo MS, MR and MR Profi – equipped with automated pickup, Isobus control and Trimatic cutting systems, which protects the rotor and blades against foreign bodies.

The smaller MS model has 17 blades in the cutting mechanism, but you can opt for a further 16 if required. The larger MR models have 31 blades, with a cut length of 45mm, while the MR Profi gets VarioFill and an 80deg moving cowl.


Fendt Rogator

Fendt Rogator

The former Challenger range of self-propelled and trailed Rogator sprayers is getting a new five-way valve to allow water to be flushed into the induction hopper at the same time as cans are rinsed, which should speed up the filling process, we are told.

A new addition to the booms is the eQuadSelect nozzle carrier, which can handle four nozzles on one body that can be electronically switched from the comfort of the cab.

Logistics app

Similar to John Deere’s MyJobConnect, Fendt has launched its own version of a logistics app to help monitor machinery movements, limit empty runs and reduce waiting times.

Working from a smartphone or tablet with all machine data and capacities loaded into the software, harvest routes and storage locations can be stored so new students know where to go.

There is also the option to communicate via the app – for instance, if a trailer isn’t required back in the field, the combine driver can send empty trailers to the next field so they are ready to crack on when the harvester arrives.

Precision Planting

Although not a familiar name to most UK farmers, US firm Precision Planting is known for techy additions to seed drills and was swallowed up by the Agco colossus in 2017.

Fendt is the first part of Agco to take on the technology – it will sit in the company’s Smart Farming Area.

One of the first products to be integrated will be the Delta Force, which replaces the mechanical down force control on a maize drill and instead uses a hydraulic cylinder with sensors to make sure every seed is at the same depth, regardless of soil moisture or type.