Grassland UK: Vicon big square balers

Though first announced last autumn, the latest big square balers from Vicon got their working debut at Grassland UK.

The LB1270, which makes a 1.2m x 70cm bale, is likely to be the main seller, but there’s also a bigger LB1290 model.

This normally makes a 1.2m x 90cm bale but can be converted to a 1.2m x 80cm model (a process that takes about three hours) if needed. While there are no headline-grabbing changes to the machine, some 150 updates have been made to improve performance and reliability. Retail prices are £94,533 for the LB1270 (£108,240 with the Omnicut chopping system) and £98,250 for the LB1290 (£115,590 with Omnicut).