Grimme launches new beet cleaner loader

Grimme has launched a robust sugar beet cleaner loader designed for medium to heavy soils or where there is a lot of haulm. It is based on technology taken from its Maxtron and Rootster sugar beet harvesters.

The company has adapted its existing 15t capacity RH 24-60 potato receiving hopper by adding a cleaning table to the end along with an extra thick yellow canvass bunker floor for extra strength to cope with a 50/70t/hr output.

The cleaning table’s six hydraulically driven duplex rollers are fitted to shafts mounted on to a scissor action mechanism. This gives the operator the ability to vary the speed of each roller independently and to open and close the spacing between them, maximising cleaning options.

Below the cleaning table is an extra-wide soil conveyor that moves parallel to the roller shafts to keep the width constant. Waste is removed to either side, while the end-mounted crop conveyor discharges the crop in either direction into the loading elevator.



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