Help us find the most attractive tractors

Most of us have got a favourite tractor maker because of our experiences with them when it comes to value or reliability – but what about looks?

Let’s be honest, some tractors are indifferent looking or ugly, but some are gorgeous.

It might be the impression of power or style they convey, or perhaps because you like their ultra-modern or traditional look.

Since FW’s Emily Padfield posed this question on her Torque Talk blog, FWi users have been debating the issue. Emily mentioned, among others, the New Holland T7000 special edition models which “dazzle with their Maserati-blue paintwork and silver and chrome”, as well as Valtras, Austrian-made Lindners and the Fastrac 7000 series.

On the FWi forums, Bubble6470 reckons it’s “MF 8600s all the way… and the 6400s and 7400s don’t look bad either”, while Bovril says the best looking tractor of all time is the International 1455. “In terms of contemporary models, it’s the big 900 Fendts,” he adds.

Adam19493 is also a fan of Fendts when it comes to the aesthetics. “Mainly because the joystick in the cab looks like it should be on a fighter jet,” he says, going on to name-check New Holland T8000s, John Deere 7030 premiums, (“not the sloping bonnet, the old-school type”) and the John Deere 8030.

Perry7530 mentions the Claas Xerion and, as for older tractors, highlights the Ford TW, while Anmail says: “Of today’s tractors, it has to be the Valtras, but of all-time it just has to be the County 1174.”

Let us know what you think and tell us why. You can either add your views on Emily’s blog or leave your comments on our website forums.

We’ll include some of the comments we like best in FW magazine and, if you’ve got a photo of your favourite looking tractor, you can even add into this gallery.