Highland 2010: Amazone launches grain and fert drill

The application of fertiliser and seed as a single operation when spring crops are sown has long been a preferred option for growers in Scotland.

Timely, then, that Amazone chose the Highland Show to launch its new grain and fertiliser drill combination.

Fertiliser is stored in a 2000-litre front hopper and metered by a land-wheel driven system into an air stream which takes it to a distribution head at the rear of the tractor.

Grain, held in a similar-size hopper, is metered by an electric metering unit into the air stream which takes it to a second distribution head.

From the distribution heads, the grain and fertiliser make their way in separate pipes to the drill’s disc coulters. For those who need fertiliser and seed to be in even closer proximity, Amazone can provide a “Y” junction which channels seed and fertiliser into a single tube so both arrive at the coulter together.

Based on Amazone’s AD-P grain-only cultivator drill with its KG powerharrow, the new combination is available as a 3m build with front and rear hoppers and also as a folding 4m version with grain and fertiliser held in a two-section front hopper with no rear hopper.

Price of the 3m version is set to be about £44,000.


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