Horsch launches self-propelled sprayer and drill

The latest Leeb PT 270 self-propelled sprayer and Maestro drill will make their first appearances at Lamma.

The 8,000 litre PT 270 sprayer is powered by a 270hp Deutz engine which drives through a mechanical transmission and has Horsch Leeb’s boom design which is claimed to be able to maintain a height of just 25cm above a crop.

Features include pneumatic nozzle control and the option to have single, double or quadruple bodies with 50cm or 25cm spacing.

The Maestro 12CC pneumatic precision drill has 12 rows at 50cm spacings and can be used to sow crops such as maize, sunflowers, sugar beet and oilseed rape. Seed metering is via electrically driven units.

The Maestro 12CC has a 2,800 litre fertiliser tank and the seeder units each have a 75 litre seed hopper. Coulter pressure can be as high a 300kg at an operating speed of up to 15kph and a tractor of 100hp is recommended.


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