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How Ferobide wear plates can extend the life of machinery

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Tenmat is a leading manufacturer of advanced materials and components with over 100 years of experience.

Ferobide is a weldable tungsten carbide composite wear plate which has been developed by Tenmat in Manchester, UK.

Ferobide is one of the world’s hardest weldable materials which combines high-abrasion-resistance with an easy weld installation.

Through years of field testing Ferobide has been proven to save time and money on sliding wear parts.

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Subsoiler success

One of many examples of Ferobide’s success is with Poskitts Carrotts, who are one of the leading producers of carrots in the UK, producing 50,000 tonnes of carrots each year, as well as parsnips, potatoes and arable crops.

Poskitts face extensive wear on the legs of their subsoilers, they opted to weld Ferobide to their subsoiler legs which has given them significant uptime and lifetime improvements for the subsoiler.

The same Ferobide legs have lasted three years and are still going. Standard legs would have to be refurbished three times every season, adding Ferobide has already saved them significant time and costs for maintenance.

Fitting Ferobide

Welding Ferobide is a simple task, all you need to do is keep heat input to a minimum and use the standard MIG/MMA methods.

Clamp the Ferobide tiles in the desired place, or use a single tack per tile for support. Welding provides the best results, but if you can’t weld, we can supply stud-welded tiles for screw installation, so there is a solution for everyone.

The best place to put Ferobide is behind a brazed carbide edge, but anywhere with sliding wear, avoiding the impact of leading edges, will be successful.

Ferobide has been designed for sliding wear performance, so be mindful of this if you want the best results, it’s also not suitable for high speed applications such as hedge flails, or toppers.

Heavy contract work

Another successful application of Ferobide is with B.C.Wilson, they used Ferobide tiles on their Gustrower GDK 6000K spreader.

B.C.Wilson is one of the leading lime spreading contractors in the UK and experience high levels of wear when processing thousands of tonnes of lime and highly abrasive steelwork slag each month.

Steelwork slag has been known to wear out standard parts in a single day. They opted for Ferobide, which was welded onto the spreader vanes in rows, this application has provided a life increase of 2-4 times what they were previously using!

Ferobide is one of the newer solutions available and it has been making a name for itself in agricultural circles around the world ever since.

If you want to know more head to our website where you can see plenty of case studies and testimonials from a number of farmers who have tried and tested the tiles.

You can buy Ferobide directly from our expert team in Manchester, but also online from the Tenmat shop, which gives you 24/7 access to the products.