Increased power raises New Holland performance

New transmission options and improved controls support the introduction of higher performance “Tier 3” engines to top models in the New Holland tractor range.

The three-model line-up – now called T8000 in place of the TG designation – offers tractors from 248hp to 303hp.

That represents a significant increase in performance potential over the previous versions, since rated power outputs are up by 6-7%. And, with “power-boost” the available muscle is said to climb higher as engine speed is pulled down under heavy load.
NH T8000
The extra 34hp released by this function is between 8% and 14% more than the maximum power outputs generated by the previous version of the tractors’ Cummins QSC8.3 engine.

The new power plant uses 24-valve cylinder heads and high pressure common rail fuel injection.

Three standard specification packages will be on offer when the tractors become available next April/May.

Top-spec versions will have a 50kph, 19F x 4R full powershift transmission in place of the current 40kph, 18 x 4 unit, together with front axle suspension, air and hydraulic brakes, hydraulic top link, semi-active suspension seat and a new performance monitor for ISO-compatible implements.

The 40kph creeper transmission will be matched with the SuperSteer tight-turning front axle, while a 40kph, 19 x 4 economy transmission will come with a more basic specification list.

“Fuel economy on the road is the main attraction of this transmission, points out Rupert Boobyyer, New Holland marketing.

“Heavy transport tests at Basildon comparing it with the current 18-speed gearbox produced an impressive 30% fuel saving as a consequence of the top speed being available at lower engine revs.”

Mr Boobyyer is quick to defend the lack of a CVT transmission.

“Mostly, these tractors are used for heavy cultivation and drilling work for which fine speed control is not that important,” he argues.

“And as for specialist operations, the T8000 can run at very slow speeds when the creep transmission is fitted.”

Increased fuel capacity, giving about 15 hours of work per fill, pto gearing that gives 1000rpm at maximum engine power, auto pto control and revised rear linkage controls are also part of the package designed to improve the T8000’s appeal.

An indication of likely retail prices should be available when the tractors make their public debut at the Agritechnica Show in Hanover next week.