JCB powers past 500,000 engines

JCB Power Systems – part of the JCB portfolio – has produced its half-millionth engine at its Derbyshire production plant.

The company started making engines at the plant in November 2004.

The four-cylinder lumps now power more than 70% of machines produced by the Rochester business and are sold as separate units to other manufacturers.

Before the engine plant opened, JCB relied solely on engines from external suppliers. It took eight years for the plant to build 200,000 engines, with the last 300,000 taking only five years.

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This year also saw an injection of £10m into the engine-building factory, which means the company can now produce cylinder heads, engine blocks and bed plates in-house for the first time.

Production has begun this year on a new fuel-efficient 3-litre engine, which joins the existing 4.4-litre, 4.8-litre and 7.2-litre power packs offered by the firm.

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