Joskin hydraulic-powered trailer covers protect crops in transit

Trailer and spreader maker Joskin has addressed the issue of crops being exposed to the elements during transport by developing two different cover designs.

Duo-Cover is a pair of folding mesh screens for silage and multi-purpose trailers, while the Telecover is a hydraulically operated roll-over sheet to fit monocoque tipping and push-off trailers.

The mesh screen mechanism available for Joskin Silo-Space and Drakkar trailers can be used with fixed or hydraulic raise/lower side extensions and while the trailer is loaded, the full-length screens are positioned flat against the outer sides.

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A yellow cover on a green trailer

They are then rotated through 270deg by hydraulic motors to lay on top of the load and prevent light forage and other crop material being blown from the trailer.

Joskin’s Telecover places a heavy-duty waterproof plastic sheet over the trailer body and the crop using a hydraulic motor to roll and unroll it, with an articulated arm at each end guiding the roller over and a short distance down the side of the trailer body.

Together with elastic tensioning chords at each end of the sheet, this ensures the cover keeps out rain and pollutants while keeping in any light crop or associated debris, and the way it is installed means the cover can remain in place while the trailer’s load is discharged.

Also, Joskin makes the point that because the sheeting mechanism is operated from the tractor seat, it is a quicker, easier and safer option than using manual covers.