Keeping combines afloat – dual wheel sales surge

Atrocious weather across the country over the last few weeks has seen a surge in interest for dual wheels that can be fitted to combines.

Growers desperate to get on to sodden fields are weighing up the options of doubling up on rubber to keep harvesters afloat.

Wheel and tyre supplier Stocks Ag has shifted the 20 sets of duals it had in stock and is working hard to slot more of its special ‘step-down’ rims into its manufacturing schedule.

These allow cheaper 38in diameter tyres to be clamped onto the combine’s deeper profile 32in rims.

“We’re getting more enquiries every day as the wet spell drags on. It just isn’t drying up out there,” says Stocks’ Rick Parker.

“We’re doing our best to ramp up production and could end up with a load of redundant rims on the shelf if the sun comes out.”

Trade for rubber tracks is also roaring, he says. Although the company longer makes its Agri-Tracks (the design rights were bought by John Deere and mothballed) it has received a number of requests for advice on how to fit them to combines. 

John Deere is also reporting significant interest in its ProDrive diff-lock system for its new i-series combines. Although not as capable as true 4wd, it does ensure the front wheels don’t start to spin in slippy conditions. It adds about £5000 to the list price of the harvester.

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