Krampe’s mesh covers protect silage loads on the road

German trailer maker Krampe has come up with a handy new design for holding down silage loads on the road.

The add-on kit uses two full-length mesh screens rather than tarpaulin, which can be a pain to unravel on long trailers.

Both screens fold flat against the trailer sides during loading/unloading before rotating through 270deg to sit on top of the load during transport.

The mesh is held in a metal frame, but still offers enough flexibility to curve around the different shapes of a crop heap, the company says.

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Krampe covers

When closed, the two sides overlap by 200mm and have strong rubber lips to seal together. A standard-fit safety switch also ensures the tailgate will not open when the covers are closed.

Two motors in the trailer’s headboard are operated by the tractor’s hydraulics and means there’s no need for the operator to leave the cab. They open in under 15 seconds and, when open, do not increase the trailer’s 2.55m total width.