Kulan electric ATV aims to be different from the herd

Current electrically powered ATVs and buggies such as the Polaris and EcoCharger look pretty much like their petrol and diesel equivalents.

However, the Kulan is something very different.

It was designed by a German company called Poly-Lab and is aimed as a relatively cheap electric farm runabout. It is made largely of rigid plastic, weighs 300kg, can pull 1t and has a rear flatbed to carry stuff.

Four in-wheel electric motors allow it to run for up to six hours, says the company, or 180 miles.

It is not on sale yet, but the makers hope to have it on the market pretty soon.

The wheels and tyres don’t look like they would get far in boggy conditions, but could presumably be swapped for something more farm-friendly. No word yet on price.