Kverneland goes high-tech with latest plough

The first of a new generation of mounted reversible ploughs from Kverneland will make its Lamma debut in top spec form.

On ‘i’ versions of the 2500 series, configurations for hitching up, marking out, working and transport can be stored and recalled with a tap of an Isobus display.

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With four- to six-furrow sizes for tractors up to 280hp, and a choice of 85cm and 100cm point-to-point spacing, the plough has a new adjustment mechanism enabling the operator to alter two skims simultaneously with a spanner.

It also has a sleeker, more rounded leg design with increased offset from the landslide to minimise trash hang-ups; it is used on auto reset as well as shear bolt versions, giving 80cm under-beam clearance on both.

A new articulated headstock allows the 2500 series to trail behind the tractor like a semi-mounted implement. After moving into the butterfly transport position, hydraulic cylinders shift the cross shaft to a position where it can pivot through 45deg and withdraw locking pins that allow the top link headstock to split to create a horizontal pivot.

The plough therefore has the manoeuvrability of a mounted implement in the field with the transport characteristics of a semi-mounted, supported on the tractor linkage and the depth wheel.