LAMMA 2009: K-Two launches environmentally sensitive muckspreader

Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire firm K-Two launched a new Bio muckspreader based on its popular rear-discharge Duo range. It is designed to give operators more control in environmentally sensitive areas, says the company.

The Duo’s vertical beaters have been replaced by twin horizontal, dynamically balanced and reinforced beaters for fine shredding and there are two spinning discs to spread the material up to a 24m width. A slurry door meters the flow of the manure into the beaters while the hydraulic hood forces the manure from beaters on to the spinners.

The Bio muck spreader’s shaft-driven rotors provide a constant power transfer and reduce the amount of maintenance associated with chain-driven machines, says the company. The rotors are fed by a chain-and-slat bed drive system which features four chains with a breaking strength of 100t, and a 60mm solid rear floor drive shaft. The floor chain speed is electronically controlled from the cab.

The new Bio model is available in 12 and 14t capacities. There’s also a sprung drawbar and 520/85 R38 wheel equipment. Road lighting is fitted as standard.

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